Yearly Garden Calendar

Date Task Preparation Needed Leaders
Early April Soil tests Clean pail, clean shovel, clean ziplock bags Danielle
Early April Mark out garden beds & design String, stakes, markingtape, lime Plotnik core
April 10 Sod Removal Shovels, digging forks, gloves Bob & Danielle
April  17 10 AM Double dig beds and build raised beds Design, materials, tools, shovels Bob, Jan & Danielle
April 19 – 26 PESACH
April 24

10 AM

Continue bed preparation Composted Manure delivery Bob & Ruth 

Steve M.

May 1 Incorporate compost & soil amendments Soil test results, compost and amendments as needed Robert & Bob
April/May; Sept Plant cold-loving seeds and seedlings Seeds, seedlings, planting plan
May 22 Lag B’Omer
May/June Install water system Hoses, irrigation lines
May/June Build fence Design, materials, tools
May/June Build/assemble garden shed Design, materials, tools, building permit?
May/June Build/assemble compost bins Design, materials, tools
May/June Install/create garden sign & information board
June 8-9 SHAVUOT
June/July Plant warm-loving seeds and seedlings Seeds, seedlings, planting plan
As we plant Spreading Mulch Mulch hay, straw, for paths?
June – Aug Weeding Hoes
July – Oct Harvest Knifes, harvest containers, rubber bands, bags
Oct 13-19 SUKKOT
End of October Garden Clean Up: plant cover crop, remove plant materials, mulch/protect winter growing plants, store tools, etc.
Nov Assess the growing season and make notes for next year
Feb Start plans for next growing season

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